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Well, I said MOST classes were weakened, as in they have incredibly reduced damage compared to before. So we don't see as much crazy OHKOing in dungeons, so party play seems much more balanced. Now I hopefully won't be getting the big white message telling me I'm useless because everything dies before I even get to them.

But soloing was very well balanced for my character, and now he's underpowered. But most importantly, he's boring to me. I have no more will to solo things just for fun.
I think the only solution to that really is to take another long break from the game (for the first time, not because I got bored of it), and come back with a fresh mind. a.k.a playing horribly and relearning everything.
Hopefully they'll have mostly rebalanced things until then.
But I still have to stick with it for a month to use up the free selling service tickets I've been given. Not that I'm selling much, with the huge deflation.

Having to choose between PvP and PvE in a game that highlighs both is bad game design, plain and simple. They REALLY need to rethink that.
And that surprised me because, despite imbalance issues and arguably selling power, they've really stayed on the side of good game design until now.

The game actually makes the skill tree into a...TREE where you make choices instead of unlocking 95% of the tree and only leaving out really useless stuff.
As a programmer I have to disagree with this definition of a TREE.... not that it was a tree to begin with. But hardly any games define it correctly anyway, so meh.

The issues people have with it I think can be summed up in:
-Instead of 90%, you now have 30% of your skills. A bit extreme.
-Not all classes got cool stuff. I've heard mixed reactions to Aisha, but I can only comment on Rune Slayer since it's the only character I play. And I already did that.
-The forced binary choice of skills doesn't fit in the game and needlessly lowers variety.
-Skills are broken and unbalanced because they DIDN'T PLAY TEST THIS THING. What the hell?