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Originally Posted by Zero
Oh I wasn't asking if those units have the 3 shot burst weapons! I just wanted opinions on them overall. Like fun wise and also how good the suit is in general. I'm a pretty decent player, won quite a few pvp matches already and I haven't been playing long at all!
Double X: This suit is very straight forward. To be honest with you, mode 2 is relatively better than mode 1, so most players stay in mode 2. This suit puts WZC to shame where it is much more mobile and can destroy incoming suits close range or long range. Skill 2, the microwave cannon is dangerous when your hp reaches that stage, where your microwave long range sniping weapon reloads faster. What I like to do is use the sniper part and scope snipe. It does quite alot of damage. The vulcans in mode two is killer, plows through most suits and tears through MA. The kd hammer is wonderful in slowing down things that come melee for you. Overall, I like DX alot. I have it in TW and KR.

Sinanju: This suit is very good as well because it is relatively offensive. Mode 1 is all beams, but the stun rifle it has is very good. Mode 2 is where Sinanju excels, fast melee, very fast zook weapon and the not Char kick packs a lot of damage if you crit with it!

Unicorn NT-D: Very nice beam magnum, very easy to aim and the melee in mode 2 is very nice! I don't particularly like mode 1 because the melee is super slow. I have the suit in TW, KR and NA.

00 Raiser: Too be honest, I hate the suit but I got it in TW, KR and NA as well. The suit got nerfed multiple times yet people still use it today! 00 Raiser's melee is quite nice in both modes, mode 1 has bigger reach and mode 2 is faster. I feel like mode 1 is not as strong because mode 2 does better overall. mode 2 melee offers very fast ZBS and the linear rifle does quite some damage. This suit is not built to fight MA, so don't try going head on into attacking giants.

Reborns: I hate fighting against this thing because it's freaking annoying. Mode 2 is very mobile with very annoying weapons. The homing fangs have very far range and can curve quite far. KD weapon, well is a KD weapon, nothing to talk about it. About mode 1, the rifle hurts, but reloads too slow. The melee is very short. If you throw out fangs, can't change to mode 2, best option is to stay in mode 2. I have this in KR and TW.
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