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Originally Posted by Zero
Oh I wasn't asking if those units have the 3 shot burst weapons! I just wanted opinions on them overall. Like fun wise and also how good the suit is in general. I'm a pretty decent player, won quite a few pvp matches already and I haven't been playing long at all!
Well then...

Double X : Like i said above, decent enough. Not too strong nor too weak. It got the weapon for quite every range. Quite fun to use. The Beam SP hurts. I see many people like to spam it's Beam SP.

Unicorn NT-D : A good unit. That Beam magnum hurts and hit far as well. It also have NT-D means no funnel will attack you in that mode, if there's a person somehow launch a funnel at you, they will eat their own funnel. Minus side : it gets boring after long time of use.

00 Raiser : A good unit as well. But as i said, need skill in playing it to make it an annoyance to the enemy. It's fun to use, quantisation is always welcome. As a rock in RPS it does it's job well... hence it's position in Tier 1 rock. But like i said again, HK hasn't entered Gen 6 yet, so i don't know how it fares in Gen 6.

I hope those above can answer your question better.
As for Sinanju and Reborns, i can't comment on it since i don't have it nor do i know it's gameplay style well enough.
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