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Originally Posted by Zero
Alright, duely noted.

How about Double X, Sinaju, Unicorn NT-D, 00 Raiser or Reborns?

Just need some opinions, that's all [:
Double X : Decent enough for me. And the vulcan in mode 2 hurt quite a bit. The TSC is good, but the reload is super long, but becomes fast enough when skill 2 activates. This unit is also the only S rank (not an SS or SR) that have 6 weapons (cmiiw). Usually S rank units only have 3 weapon on mode 1 and 2 weapon on mode 2, totaling only 5 weapons in total.

Sinanju : Doesn't have it.

Unicorn NT-D : Doesn't have it as well, but from what i've read it's a good unit, but becomes boring after long time of use.

00 Raiser : Not that strong anymore in the current meta (at least in HK, still waiting to be Gen 6 soon. I dunno how it fares in Gen 6), but in the right hand, it still can be an annoyance. Basically, need skill to use it well.

Reborns : Doesn't have it. But people said it's a good unit, both before and after gen 6.

Well that's my opinion, hope it helps.
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