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Default Saorin's Brand New Gunner Lion Guide!

Disclaimer: This is MINE. SAORIN’S AKA SCRAYWARRIOR’S. YOU STEAL, YOU DIE. On that note, this guide was made exclusively for MT (or whatever’s left of it on this forum) and if you wish to post this somewhere else, message me. If you’re lucky, I’ll get back to you with a yes.

This guide was made especially for Gunner Lions. You know, those people that lurk in their basement playing those archers or whatever in other games. Well, this is Trickster’s version of an archer, a gunner which I probably like more than those cheap bow-and-arrow imitations. Gunners go BANGBANG and things fall down and don’t wake up. Archers go OMGOMGOMGNOOOOOI’MGONNADIE and then they really do die. So, yes, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this character.


Leon – I liked the format of his fox guide. Kinda took...most of it. >_>;;;
MyTricksterWiki – It gave me most of the pictures and information I didn’t have.
Laggy – His awesome guide which made my first Lion inspired me to make a new guide.
Atrophy – His skill build guide on the official forums was the one I used for my Lion.
People who replied on this guide – They helped so much that it'd be disgraceful to leave them out of the credits.

Important, this is! This, as it says on that purple banner I made in twenty seconds, is a GUIDE. You don’t need to follow it word for word. If you know a skill you could add or take away from the skill build that could make it better, then add it or subtract it. If you know a better place to train than those recommended, train there. So, yes, this is guide.

  1. What’s a Lion?
  2. Evolutions of a Lion
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. Status Growth
  5. Bonus Points
  6. Builds
  7. Skills
  8. Levelling Guide
  9. Combat Tactics
  10. Equipment (Unfunded and Funded)

1. So, What’s a Lion then?

The lion (Panthera leo) is an animal that lives in most of Africa and some parts of eastern Asia and they KILL things with their teeth. Their big, sharp, pointy and smelly teeth. Usually covered in gooey saliva. Which is digestive fluids and stinks really badly because they eat raw things. So their breath smells like rotting raw dead things. THIS IS A LION:

Jesus Christ, it’s a lion! Get in the car!

In Trickster, we have a Lion. It’s not a lion, it’s a Lion. It’s a Lion because it walks on two feet, wears a T-SHIRT and CARGO PANTS, and waves a gun in your face. They also evolve like Pokemon or Digimon. And when they evolve, they get MILITARY GUNS. So they’re angry MILITARY LIONS WITH GUNS. So, never trample on a Lion’s yard. Because the conversation will go something like this:




“MOMMY, I DON’T WANNA DIE! Whoops, too late. -dramatic death-”

Both types of lions are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Avoid if possible. Unless you are one/will be one which you probably are/will be or you wouldn’t be reading this guide.

2. Lion Jobs
These are the Lion's Digimon/Pokemon evolutions that Ntreev calls JOBS:

The Engineer or 1st job Lion:

The Inventor or 2nd job Lion:

And the Scientist/Cyber Hunter or 3rd Job Lions:


SCREEEECHTHUD! -slams into 3rd job wall-

Ouch. Okay, NOW we got a problem. Scientist VS Cyber Hunter. Since there's better skills for both 2nd and 3rd job, Cyber Hunter ain't your god anymore. Cyber Hunter is now more of a (better dressed) PvP class, while Scientist is more of a PvM (with PvP skills you might use but probably never will) class. Choose your poison, I suppose.

3. Pros and Cons

-You don’t stink too bad at drilling.
-You can carry things. LOTS AND LOTS OF THINGS. And bullets.
-You don’t stink too bad at Compounding, both Mature and not.
-You don’t get bored because you’re too busy going OMGIDUNWANNADIE!

-You’re still not as good as a DA Fox at drilling.
-Your damage fails but only in the beginning.
-Your defence fails.
-Your HP fails.
-Your MP fails.

4. Status Growth
Old, “experienced” people, skip this. You will be bored with my ranting. It’s still in the same I-wrote-this-guide-because-the-old-ones-were-outdated format but with more “I AM TEACHER. HEAR ME ROAR,” inserts.

Okay, so you’ve downloaded Trickster. You’ve made an account. You’ve read the backgrounds of each character, looked at the concept art, and decided on a Lion. You’ve logged into your account and pressed the create button and—HEY WHOAWHOAWHOA, WHAT THE-? BUILDS? STATUS GROWTH!? MOMMY, HELP ME!


There are four types of characters, specializing in each of these four categories:

Power: Damage, damage, damage. If they’re not damaging, they’re debuffing. If they’re not making your defence cry in mercy aka debuffing, they’re damaging. It’s a funfunfun cycle of PAIN. LOTS OF PAIN. These characters, the Bunny and Buffalo, are VERY COLOURFUL until 3rd job where they look like animal versions of Robocop. This growth is where your damage comes from, both with a sword and a gun.

Magic: Both characters are girls. Well, not really. The Dragon was supposed to be a boy. But, honestly, LOOK AT THAT HAIR! It’s all soft and shiny and—Okay, I’ll shut up now. Magic-types have bad tempers. If you make a Sheep or Dragon mad, you’ll most likely be set on fire, electrocuted, crushed under a boulder, drowned, speared with MAGIC LIGHT SPEARS, and/or smothered with DARK MAGIC. They have nice dresses and hair. This growth is where your MP comes from.

Sense: This is what you are. Your female counterpart is the Fox. Sense types also focus on damaging and debuffing as well as being able to be good at drilling and compounding. They rely on melee or ranged melee skills that cause a ton of damage. They’re also extremely fashionable. They have nice clothes, especially 3rd job Lion and Fox. This growth is where you get the ability to drill and compound well.

Charm: The final stats and classes. This category contains the Raccoon with his distracting tail and the Cat with her overdone makeup. They’re kind of like Bunnies and Buffalos except they can tank monsters well over their level, especially Raccoons. They think they’re fashionable but their clothes are really costumes from the Renaissance Era. This growth is where your HP, evasion, and defence come from.

Now that you probably get the idea of the four types, and so it’s time to explain how the graph works.

Each number on the graph represents a percentage. Technically, when you level, you get 34 bonus points. 30 of those points are used right away when you level and are dropped into the stats at their proper percentages while 4 of the points are left for you to distribute yourself.

For example, say I have a 4114 Bunny or a build graph of 40% (4) in Power, 10% (1) in Magic, 10% (1) in Sense, and 40% (4) in Charm. Every level, the 30 bonus points from levelling up are distributed as such: 12 points go into Power, 4 for each stat; 3 points go into Magic, 1 for each stat; 3 points go into Sense, 1 for each stat; 12 points go into Charm, 4 for each stat. Get it now?

Note: Usually, builds are read from left to right or Power, Magic, Sense, Charm (in that order).

5. Bonus Points

Remember that 4 extra points I said you had for status growth? Those 4 points can be into ANY stat but only a two are actually helpful:

Pure Accuracy (AC): Strangely enough, gun damage does not use a stat in Sense even though that’s what type a Lion is. So, Lions are like, a SEEKRIT POWER TYPE because that’s where Accuracy is. This is your usual Lion distribution.

Pure Luck (LK): Pure Luck lions can crit more and miss less than a Pure Accuracy Lion but attack normally with less damage. So, your damage becomes extremely unstable.

Accuracy/Luck Hybrid (AC/LK): This is the jack-of-all-trades. Master of none, apprentice of many. All that weird philosophical crap nobody really cares about nowadays. You’ll have pretty decent damage but it’s not as good as an average Pure Accuracy Lion. You’ll crit a lot and miss less but not be as good as a Pure Luck.

They’re all good. But I recommend Pure Accuracy. There’s no wrong time to blow up the heads of monsters! YAY GUNS!

6. Builds

Now, for the ACTUAL status growth charts. Bonus points came before builds so I’m POSITIVE that you won’t do something retarded like pump up weight and think it’s for the damage of a gun. Anyways, yes, builds.

It’s a pretty good build. You can tank hits from monsters due to your massive amount of HP, Defence, and HV. But your damage will FAIL HORRIBLY unless you’re pure Accuracy and have a chunk of AC-compounded equips, which you should have anyways. It’s recommended for unfunded players who lag or don’t get hit-and-running.

This is the build I’m using and I’M LOVIN’ IT. The damage doesn’t suck too badly and you can still tank okay in case you were trapped against the map wall by accident. Again, everything’s AC, HP or LK comp-ed. Recommended for everyone. Hybrid build graphs are VERY GOOD.

This is the build graph you’ll first see when you create a Lion. It’s just like the 2143 build but more attack based. Whatever you see up in the chunk of text for the 2143 Lion is the same for here.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOLDEN JALAPENO FRENCH COWS! Your damage is godly but your defence will fail (It already does. You have no shield), your HP will fail (Still failing), and your HV will fail (You’re not a Raccoon. It doesn’t even matter anymore). But you can hurt things. And hurt them four times more than a 1144 Lion. IT’S EXTREME LIKE DINOSAURS EXPLODING! Recommended if you’re insane or have a lot of patience. Or both. But what insane person is also patient?

7. Skills

Okay, so you’re in the game. You ACTUALLY get the wacky numbers like 1432 or 1243 or 4114 that people go around telling other people when you walk around Coral Beach. BUT WHY IN JAPANESE-AMERICAN CHINESE FOOD CAN’T I EQUIP A GUN?

Well, that’s because gun wielding is a SKILL. It’s a card that costs 1,000g. And then it lets you carry a gun. Reason it’s needed: Because Trickster is REALISTIC like that, you need a PERMIT to carry a GUN.

So, I’d recommend getting the skills in this order:


Gun Carrier: Acquired.
Stone Strike: Level 5
Invincible Reload: Acquired.
Gun Booster: Level to Mastery
Loading on the Move: Acquired.
Stone Strike: Level to 10.


Power Shot: Level to Mastery
Shooting Spree: Level to Mastery
Armour Destructor: Level 1
Lucky Seven: Level to Mastery
Double Shot: Level to Mastery


Cyber Hunter:

Shield Breaker: Level to Mastery. Your bossing buddy.
Aura of Luck: Level to Mastery
Landmine: Level to Mastery
Sixth Sense: Level to Mastery
Sticky Foot: Level to Mastery
Armour Destructor: Level 10
Sticky Icky: Level to Mastery
Heavy Carrier: Level to Mastery
Lightning Rod: Level to Mastery
Gas Mask: Level to Mastery



Shield Breaker: Level to Mastery. Again, bossing buddy. BFF. You know the drill.
Berserk: Level to Mastery
Gun Overdrive: Level to Mastery
Sharp Sense: Level to Mastery
Revealing Eye: Level to Mastery for them pesky foxes.

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