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About the underscore, it's more a matter of convenience for future editions: something like Trickster_Online is considered as a single chain of character, that will force the line to 'breakspace' (is it the word? -> move to the next line) if the said line is too long. Using a space instead, the code stays more lisible, IMHO. But final decision is up to you.

Now the compounds-renaming. Let's begin with stats that are working well, like the AP, AC,etc:
{{AP}}, {{AC}} use templates like these:

they are now redirected to those new templates:
Template:TO AP
Template:TO AC

So, the good way of coding the page should be now:
{{TO AP}}, {{TO AC}}
-> so we could definitly get rid of the old, non-prefixed templates (I guess?)

Now it's getting more tricky with the elements:
Something like: {{Dark}} should become: {{TO Dark Attr}}

Resistance now. We have many occurences for it:
{{Dark Resist}}
{{Dark Resistance}}
{{Dark Tolerance}}
all of these should become, obviously, {{TO Dark Resist}}. Same with... all elements :/

Still it won't work fine yet, cause the Resist-templates have to be created. I'm gonna have a look at it right now. I'll use the Golden Shield page to test my stuff, it has a good mix of Attr and Resist.
Trickster Online:Golden Lion Shield - Wiki

(oh, and we also have the Critical/Normal Block proba stuff, not to be forgotten) ;o

A page you may find interesting (maybe) is the list of the unused templates, here:
Unused templates - Wiki

Hope my (not-so-clear) explanations will help q: