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Originally Posted by DoX
Time to finalize my research on OCEX rate.

Where to start? Oh yea..
The experiment was done right after someone took the last EX of the night before 98% total player went offline/sleep .[ Yes, it has been done in the (very) early morning ]

OCEX-Experiment Log-Time (for precise result)

*1:45 AM-Some fella went EX Wing EW ( By the time this happens, obviously ppl will stop OCEX after the notice popped out)

*3:45 AM-There are only like less than 2% player base in the server(empty pvp room, 2 afk mission room). So the time is right time to start the experiment. A lot of sacrifice made by all sides and still not giving up

*5:45 AM- After 15 consecutive EX fail, almost gave up on continuing till decided to do the final sacrifices for OCEX

*6:05 AM- Upon reaching the 20th time EX'ing a unit, it was as predicted all these years and the last unit used passed OCEX. At that point of time the final draft of the experiment come to an end. Rejoice~


Based on what we've been through, I have finally concluded the rate for EX'ing any unit is 1/20 chance since its based on OC rotation.

I repeat myself again, its 5% chance or 1/20 oc
*doesnt apply to gen6 since its ez mode for upgrading

And so now I'll end this draft of this experiment for good
Credits to Narru & Zenoxagas for assisting me on this final draft experiment as well
Master Dox can you teach me the secret for OC 6?