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Originally Posted by Lala
[10:21:06 PM] David Something: Booty popper over yonder doesnt want to play
[10:21:14 PM] Joel: David Something: <<< Booty popper over yonder >>>
[10:21:15 PM] Rachel.: Booty popper
[10:21:16 PM] Rachel.: LOOOL
[10:21:21 PM] David Something: Thats Joel
[10:21:22 PM] David Something: :3
[10:21:29 PM] Rachel.: Booty poppin' Joel
[10:23:41 PM] Joel: ight david
[10:23:44 PM] Joel: i got you in my status
[10:23:52 PM] Joel: now everyone on my list can see how much of a ****** you are
[10:23:54 PM] Joel: ******
[10:23:57 PM] Joel: jk

I missed this chat so I had no idea what happen but uuh yeah "LOLOLOLOLOL"

To lazy to put anything else D: