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Default Quests/Monsters/Etc

Well, I've noticed that for some quests there isn't really a standard, and for some monsters they're non-existent, so I have a few questions.

Firstly is, for the quests should I change the ones that aren't in format with the majority to the majorities format? For example if most are "20x item" and some are "20 item".

Secondly, as far as monsters go, is there a dump yet, and if so, are the images on their way up? I wouldn't mind starting to make the monster pages based off of existing ones, but if the images are there it would be easier.

Thirdly, there are some skills that don't have percentages when the actual skill ingame does, is there a reason it doesn't and it's general, or shall I add it? (I plan on adding it,but I through this one in here cause I was already making a thread...)

Also, hi, finally joined from over at MyTrickster, I see it's pretty much the same people that are active :0 (With some new ones though o.o)