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Originally Posted by NoeJeko
You earned it - that thing saves our editors hella time! And yes, it was the first one given. I would like to see the code you're using for your curl method; could you PM it to me?
Yes. I will PM you the code.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
Yay, a new bot ftw

About name correction, may I suggest the weapons/equips to be fixed, regarding Fire/Water/Ect Attr. (all elements), and Elements Resist (sometimes called 'Tolerance', and sometimes beginning with the TO prefix, etc). Some examples can be found here:
Trickster Online:Accessories: In-game - Wiki or there:
Trickster Online:Inner Wears List - Wiki

"Replacing {{NAMESPACE}} with Trickster_Online" -> the underscore is not needed, looks like its been working well without it, so far ;o
I don't understand what to fix, lol. Give me an example for before and after

In page names a blank space is equivalent with an underscore. Both are correct.