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Seems pretty petty after reading the troubles of others. Also this story was from last month on the 20th if I remember right.

But I went to go buy a uKash voucher to cash on my game (I'd gone to the same store previously for the same reason twice and they let me have one) but this time it was an old man serving me. I asked for one and he said ''No, over 18's only.'' I said, ''No, I bought one before''. He said, ''You weren't allowed, it's over 18's only.'' Then I said, ''I'll be 18 in three days'', as if it would change anything.

I have a fear of embarrassment and getting things wrong. So when I looked around to these two people waiting in line because of me and the cashier looking at me like I was some sort of terrorist, I was about to cry. It just felt like I was being burned at the stake for being a witch or something.

But then the other cashier, who had sold me the vouchers on the other two occasions,r came in and said that I could and it was for all ages. I was blushing and on the brink of having a breakdown in front of everyone from the embarrassment, so I just paid him and ran out with the voucher.

Then I had a srsbizness english exam the next day /shot.