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You are free to chose any job you want really, as there is no real impact in gameplay. However, I will list the jobs currently available in RO2, and my suggestions. Items that you craft from your job will always be more powerful than items you can buy from an NPC, so you might want to keep that in mind. After you have a job level of 10, you can also summon a Guardian to help you in battle. After you surpass other job levels, you can upgrade the look of the guardian via job quests later on.

Alchemist: You can create buff potions that increase stats, such as a defense or strength for a limited duration. You can also create potions that instantly heal HP and SP; just keep in mind that these potions have a cool down like any other healing potions in the game after use. I would highly recommend that you chose this as your job if you are new to the game, as it can help save money on potions.

Artisan: You can create any type of clothing, which does not include armor (most classes use this other than Swordsmen). You can also create runes for equipment slots; it is an all around good job if you ask me. I would recommend this job if you have another character that is already an Alchemist.

Blacksmith: You can create armor (which is used for Swordsmen), weapons for all classes, and hole punchers will allow you to create a slot in equipment for runes. While this is a pretty good job, I personally would not recommend it for a Rogue. You are, however, free to choose Blacksmith if you so desire.

Chef: You can create food that has healing over time properties (which some even heal SP), and food that can boost your character's attributes/properties. This is a decent job when its a high enough level, but it can be a pretty difficult job to level up. If you are an experienced player with characters with an Alchemist job already in the least, this can be a good choice. I really wouldn't recommend this job for your first character.


Runes are used to boost your character's stats. You can use a rune on basically most equipment, but that equipment already has to have an empty rune slot for you to be able to rune it. As I've explained in my job section, Blacksmiths can create hole punchers, which allow you to create a rune slot in equipment. As I've also explained in the above section, Artisans can create Runes.

As a Rogue, I'd recommend that you stick to using STR and AGI runes, based on your current preferences and needs. You could also use VIT runes if you feel that you need more HP, but STR and AGI runes are generally your best bet.


Cards can drop from most monsters, though it is generally a low chance. Cards boost your character stats, such as STR, AGI, and VIT. The cards you'll want to apply to your character are generally ones that provide a decent boost to those three stats mentioned in the previous sentence, but don't disregard a card if it has INT/WIS on it, if the other stats you need happen to be decent. Personally, I prioritize cards that provide a decent STR and AGI boost, while giving a great VIT boost.

You have 5 personal card slots for your character, which are unlocked after a certain level. At level 1, you'll have 1 card slot available. At level 10, 2 card slots. At level 20, 3 card slots; level 30 gives you 4 card slots, and finally, at level 40, you gain a full 5 card slots for your character.

There are also different tiers of card rarity; green being the most common, blue being rare, and gold being epic/legendary. Blue usually has a higher stat boost than green, and gold usually has an even higher stat boost than blue. Each monster has a static card rarity, so if a monster drops a green card, it will always be green.

You can also upgrade cards, which give a better boost in stats using Card Synthesis. You can't directly upgrade a card, as the cards you place in for Synthesis all have a random chance of that one being upgraded (each card you put in for Synthesis needs to be around the same level range); you'll also have a really rare chance of a blue card appearing if you place all green cards in for Synthesis, and a really rare chance of a gold card appearing if you attempt to Synthesize all blue cards. Note that you need 5 different cards for the Synthesis to work.

There is a 50% chance of the Synthesis to fail, meaning you lose all the cards you put into to be Synthesized. I would only recommend Card Synthesis if you have tons of cards to spare.


The Colosseum is a free for all PvP area, where players compete for the title of Champion (which is just for bragging rights), and for blood points (used to obtain Colosseum gears, which are really powerful). You can also receive Colosseum boxes (depending on what round you made it to), which contain random items. Each Colosseum starts at 1 PM PST and 6 PM PST. To enter, you need to be at least level 10; simply click on the Colosseum icon on the lower right hand side of your screen.

There are 5 rounds, starting with 30 people. When you enter the Colosseum, you disband from any parties you are currently in. In order to advance in rounds, you need to be in a certain place; you need to be at least in 24th place for round 2, 18th place for round 3, 12th place for round 4, and 6th place for the final round. To see the current place where you rank in the Colosseum, you can press the Caps Lock key (also it shows your current rank next to a trophy icon on the UI, upper left corner). You only gain blood points for the rounds that you have advanced to.

For the round that you have been eliminated on, you will not receive any blood points or a Colosseum box for that round; you will, however, receive your rewards for previous rounds that you have advanced to. For example, if you made it to round 3, but got eliminated on round 4, you will receive all rewards for rounds 1-3.

Your rank depends on three factors; how many players you have killed, how many monsters you have killed, and finally, how many times that you have died. Every time you kill a player it is worth 100 points, while every time you kill a monster it is worth 25 points. Each death will deduct 50 points from your score (cannot go below 0 points).

Since you are a Rogue, it can be pretty frustrating to advance. However, since monster kills count towards your point total, I would highly recommend that you focus only on monster kills away from groups, and use the Smoke Bomb/Dark Illusion combo on players who are about to die. If you happen to advance to the final round, kill as many of the Porings (more on that later) as you can, and use the Dirty Plan/Smoke Bomb trick as much as possible (to prevent deaths). It is also wise to focus on killing players in the final round, being strategic is the key.

If you notice that the players who are ganging up on the #1 ranked player are low on health, take them out instead; while this seems a bit stupid at first, most people will be focusing on the #1 ranked player, so it gives you a better chance to gain more points.

As for the Porings, they are a special monster in the Colosseum that have 1 point of health (killing one is still worth 25 points), but they have a chance to help or hinder you. Here is a like of some of the (de)buffs you can obtain from killing one:
  • Automatic heal of 100k HP (one time).
  • A 30 second buff, where your damaged is multiplied by 2.
  • A 20 second buff, where your defense is multiplied by 1.5.
  • 5 seconds of being silenced (unable to use any skills).
  • 5 seconds of being stunned (unable to move or use skills).
  • 10 seconds of not being able to move (but still able to use skills like Smoke Bomb).
Have fun!

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