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Originally Posted by Drknssxzoblzng
This is the skill build I came up with. This is for pure AC.

Any build would be good if u have good EQ's that is.

Gun Carrier
Invincible Reload
Gun booster(Mastered)
Quick Reload

Power shot(Mastered)
Shooting spree(Mastered)
Stone strike(Lvl.10)
Armor destructor(Lvl.1)
Lucky seven(Mastered)
Double shot(Mastered)

Gun overdrive(Mastered)
Lucky Fist(Mastered) *
Sixth sense(Lvl.10)
Revealing eye(Mastered) *
Keen sense(Mastered)
Shield breaker(Mastered)
Stick foot(Mastered)~ aforementioned
Armor breaker(Mastered)~ aforementioned

Keen sense if u want but I think its useless so how abt debuffs U can get debuffs before revealing eye If u are PvM and if u are PvP u can also get revealing eye before here are the debuffs continuation

Hope you like my guide and Hope it helps you
* Pistol Whip is only good for pvp and not really useful then, only useful with lots of luck and comparatively weak characters.

* Level one Revealing is good enough since one would only use it during pvp.

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