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Originally Posted by Gladiat
Too lazy to quote so my thoughts will sound jumbled.

Does Kali's skeleton skill still last 15 seconds? I don't remember the duration of it but I think it was 15 last time I played.

One of the hints I can provide you with fighting Asuka is catching the weakness of her >>AS. After using her >>AS she has a small delay where she is vulnerable to being attacked from behind. She has amazing forward range, and can hit a large area in front of her but as long as you're in the 180 degrees around her she has limited options for attacking you. Also, you can abuse the slight delay after her >>AS to catch her and start a combo. If you do >>A turn S for initiation you can cause her to whiff her >>AS and jump in to catch.

Also, I don't necessarily stick to just one style, I just prefer longer combos since they're more fun to do. Shorter combos can crank out damage easily but I guess I like the challenge and risk of longer combos in PvP. Too bad I'd pretty much have to get a lot of +MP grades on my equipment if I want to do that though, and starting from scratch... lol
Yeah it's probably 15 seconds. I can't see any timer in PvP, which is pretty annoying. I could just freeze her with ice arrows and blow her up with a meteor.

I appreciate the tips, but the chance to run into another Asuka player on the EU channel is pretty slim for me. Finding good players in general on that channel is freaking hard. Funny how people were yearning for EU Lunia and stopped playing after a month or two.

I just enjoy doing innovative combos. Some players make use of that and just 2-0 me, but the competitive spirit is gone with such a small player base. I don't even care about win or loss.