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Originally Posted by Gladiat
Yeah, I did go 3-1 on most people, but I had to change my PvP style a lot after my first match since I went 3-2 with major MP problems from the stat caps.

I usually combine fake resets as well as space resets my combos, which I consider part of the entire combo if the enemy falls for it, such as reset Flash of Light (Works same way as Crescent Moon Sword), reset Bladestorm (Have to back up a little, most attack ranges are shorter than Bladestorm so I hit with the edge of the skill), reset Spiteful Strike (Range is a bit larger than Bladestorm so same principle).

Another benefit to Asuka is the >>S ground scrape reset which I can follow with a lot of her skills, but again changes to her skills destroyed a lot of ways I used this in combos.

Asuka is an insane PvP character.. good range, great mobility and on top of that freaking magic defense. I always hated PvPing her. I never tried zoning though but that's probably a pointless thought, since Dainn's zoning tools have been nerfed.. oh yeah and mdef.

That sounds like a major change to the skill properties as well as the cast time on most skills. Having to learn different strings for stage and PvP doesn't really roll with me. I'm assuming the practice field is based off PvP effects though otherwise you wouldn't be able to practice combos properly.

I'm always for new stuff. Exploring and learning new stuff was the most fun imo. There are two practice fields now. They are identical except for the fact that one uses the stage effects.

Zoners usually don't fare that well in PvP from what I see, as their strategy is rendered ineffective after you land the first combo on them. As long as you stay within a close distance but far enough away so that they can't hit you with the getup A you can take out most classes with this strategy. Perhaps its a mobility related issue as Asuka has movement on nearly all her skills making it easy to chase.

Well that applies to anyone. There is no strategy once you get combo'ed. Also you don't have to and you shouldn't commit yourself to a single style. The best players can do both. The getup A can be dash canceled by a bunch of characters. Some can cancel it only by back dashing, which you can use to your advantage, but Dainn for instance can go anywhere.

Originally Posted by Zloty
It's yagamito. Killer of everything that's connected to pvp. He killed ladder system with cheating engines, he had been fighting his mules for level pvp, now he's cheating at pvp. I even posted about it at facebook (i been playing lunia for 2 weeks now ign: Serrator). Besides he uses macro engines to run the battlefield. IT IS Yagamito. IDC about warnings I'm just pointing out the person who ruined most of the new stuff at pvp.

I agree with you. He pretty much started the whole thing. Now everyone is just sitting afk or using sandboxie to PvP their own characters.

Besides. Staging isn't better. Simple thing EXP. Macro device>6 chars>1 char with like 22k str/12k dex (arien) and failing at pulling lever at once makes mobs spawn> easy exp.

I think that was Yagamito as well lol. He even shared this "tactic" with everyone on the face book group.

@PVP REBALANCE killed pvp to me. I do not enjoy fighting. Except for few opponents, and fighting the same people which was boring. I LOST VARIETY OF FIGHTING STYLES. ALL I COULD DO WAS KSTYLE FAKE KSTYLE CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT. NO SPAM BATTLES, NO TEAM BATTLES DUE TO NO SPAM. Besides team battles were gone cuz of people making 4v4 maps and fighting 1v1 screw logic?

You just got to make the first step. If you see enough players, make a room and tell them that it's an actual team battle. Seriously I have never seen anyone complaining and saying that they wanted to 1v1 with 8 players on the map. Maybe you remember Stuart and MagicMushroom, just add BioGen and vvannabe and meet them in PvP.
Geez I saw some nutty stuff today. Do you guys remember Kali's skill that transforms party members into invincible skeletons that regenerate Hp? Kali can use that skill on herself now and she doesn't transform. Now what does she do? She is just standing there, healing HP and using her S to charge MP and all you can do is stand there and listen to her lute play.
Sadly I can't expect any updates, but they should either shorten the invincibility or add a visible effect to make it easier to tell when the invincibility is gone.