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It's yagamito. Killer of everything that's connected to pvp. He killed ladder system with cheating engines, he had been fighting his mules for level pvp, now he's cheating at pvp. I even posted about it at facebook (i been playing lunia for 2 weeks now ign: Serrator). Besides he uses macro engines to run the battlefield. IT IS Yagamito. IDC about warnings I'm just pointing out the person who ruined most of the new stuff at pvp.

Besides. Staging isn't better. Simple thing EXP. Macro device>6 chars>1 char with like 22k str/12k dex (arien) and failing at pulling lever at once makes mobs spawn> easy exp.

@PVP REBALANCE killed pvp to me. I do not enjoy fighting. Except for few opponents, and fighting the same people which was boring. I LOST VARIETY OF FIGHTING STYLES. ALL I COULD DO WAS KSTYLE FAKE KSTYLE CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT. NO SPAM BATTLES, NO TEAM BATTLES DUE TO NO SPAM. Besides team battles were gone cuz of people making 4v4 maps and fighting 1v1 screw logic?
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