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I've been considering getting Earth Shield to L5 and leaving Deluge to L1 but thinking about the -25% MATK Healing/2sec kills me in the inside. But the +20% Defense for all the party is also very important so it was really hard to decide.
I think having Summon Aqua to L5 is a waste of time because it only gives +3% Damage per SP while you could invest those in another useful skills.

Having both Wind and Earth Arms to L5 is very important for a Hybrid Sorcerer, because that's what lets you switch between a healer and a damage dealer instantly, they don't have casting time and the cooldown is only 3 sec.
And having Foresight to L5 is completely unnecesary for a hybrid, that would be more for a DPS Sorcerer, that's a waste of SP imo.

This is the optional skill build I have, but now that I think about it, Earth Shield is a must have for raids and dungeons, so I might include it to the guide asap:

Thanks for the suggestions, Harlequin!
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