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Default Hybrid Sorcerer Build

Hybrid Sorcerer Build

This is a build I created for a new hybrid sorcerer I'm making. This build is very versatile because you get to play as a DPS and Healer in a party, but you must know that a hybrid sorcerer WILL NEVER replace a Priest, since the most powerful healing spells are have a long cooldown which heal over time, so you can't really save someone who needs a heal asap.
Skills overview and definitions taken from here.

- Very high damage dealt per second.
- Decent healing spells.
- Very versatile.
- Easy to solo.
- AoE healing spells.
- AoE offensive skills.
- Perfect at pvping/colosseum.

- Healings won't be as good as Priest's.
- Casting time.
- SP draining like crazy.
- Low defense/HP.

Magician and Sorcerer's Skills Overview

Magician Skill Tree

Cold Bolt- A skill which deals damage and at the same time, can slow enemies by a certain percentage. But these aren't the highlight of this skill. It's main purpose is triggering the effect of Wind Arms: After you have used Cold Bolt, your next two lightning skills will cause double damage when Wind Arms is active. For Attack Sorceress, I highly recommend to max this skill as you will often use this and in fact, it will be one of your everyday skill.

Frost Driver- One of your key to dealing double damage. This skill can put enemies into freezing state for 6 seconds utmost which then will inflict double damage if you cast lightning skills to frozen opponents. It is a needed skill for attack types and if possible, you should max it.
Additional Details: The skill is great for its double damage effect and there's no doubt about it. However, it also has a weakness. This skill has this effect called "diminishing returns" which basically reduces the duration of frozen state by half on your next freezing skill you have cast and then, a high chance to miss when you cast a third freezing skill. Knowing this weakness, be sure to use this skill wisely.

Water Arms- For Full Support, you have the choice to max this skill but, don't set this skill as your priority skill. Instead, invest your leftover points here when you have already got your most needed supportive skills. The damage reduction would be quite useful, especially when it is paired with Land of Recovery. In times when your tank fails and healing skills are on cooldown, you can cast LoR and Water Arms for beneficial damage reduction and survive AoE skills of Dungeon Boss, that can deal huge damage. Plus don't forget that it gives you a bit of HP/SP recovery that is reusable every 3 seconds or until the skill is active.

Fire Bolt- As a sorceress, I suggest not to invest points on this skill and other Fire skills. In the Sorceress skill tree, you won't find any Fire skills which can support the Fire skills of Magician. That is why I strongly suggest not to get this skill.

Fireball- Don't get this Fire skill as well.

Firebolt Mastery- This skill gives you the chance that your next Fire Bolt will be an instant cast. This works only for a Fire skill so it's a big NO also.

Fire Arms- An arm which increases your magic attack power and gives an additional burn status to enemies when you are using Fire skills. Basically, it's another Fire skills so it's a no get for me.

Lightning Bolt- If you are looking for a good source of damage as a Sorceress, then this is your skill. The damage isn't that great but, when it hits an enemy while they are in Frozen state, it does double damage. Max it if you are going to be a DPS Sorceress.
Additional Details: This skill doesn't do that much damage alone. It needs to be paired with Cold Bolt or Frost Driver to benefit from this skill. Also, spamming Ice+Lightning skill combo can consume a lot of mana that is why I am strongly suggesting that you must always spam your mana potions as well (when you don't have or close to having no mana).

Thunder Storm- The AOE of this skill is good but the damage isn't that good for me. Normal, I used Lord of Vermillion than this skill as it does more damage and it's instant cast and has no cooldown. So, I just prefer to just get 1 level for this skill as a prerequisite.

Wind Arms- For me, this is a must max skill going for DPS. Take note that the additional casting speed is really helpful for use Sorceress for that extra one hit and damage. Also, you must max this skil for the reason that you should get the highest possible percentage of double damage procs on this skill when you have used fire Cold Bolt and then followed it with Lightning attacks.

Sorcerer Skill Tree

Summon Aqua- This skill allows you to summon a Water Elemental which throws Cold Bolt every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. Max it as a DPS Sorceress. We need that extra source of Cold Bolt as this will be the key to doing more damage to the enemy. Take note that we will be maxing Wind Arms which increases our chance to deal double damage every time we throw Cold Bolt First and follow it up with any lightning skills. And, maxing this skill is really beneficial as its damage is based on your stats; it also does critical hits, it doesn't stop, he doesn't die, he doesn't need you to do anything instead, it chase your target down. And when the target is dead, it will move on the the next closest one.

Healing Wave- This is basically your point-and-click heal as a Sorceress. It doesn't heal that much as the HEAL skill of Priests. I don't level this skill high as Land of Recovery and Deluge has better healing percentage and they are an AOE heal. Also, instead of increasing this skill to max level, I prefer maxing Earth Arms as it has more use namely: increasing the heal percentage and as well as giving a percentage of HP recovery. Just leave this skill to prerequisite if you are going Full Support.

Soul Cleansing- For a full supportive Sorceress, this skill is a must max. Do remember that this skill can remove bad status effect such as stuns, freezes and other kinds of status effect.
Additional Details: There are some issue on the skill. The number of status removed is actually spread across the AoE. So at level 2 if you target 4 frozen players only 2 are set free.

Meditation- It may be a good skill to max especially when you are high level and has the money to stack accuracy gears without sacrificing your main stat. Take note that this skill increases your critical hit chance with your extra accuracy, not exceeding 100%. As a Hybrid and a Full Support, adding this skill to max will be no problem but for a DPS, it will be as you will be sacrificing some points on the damage-dealing skills or on the skills which has double damage effect. Well, it's your call whether you max this skill or not.

Deluge- This skill is a no-brainer must max skill for full support Sorceress. The skill will absolutely save you and your party member in hard nest, especially when bosses will cast big time AOE skills that can shave a huge chunk of your life and, healing skills from your Priests is on cooldown. Not only that it heals your over time for a huge percentage, but it also increases your max HP. Expect that raid members will need this skill and, it will be one of the requirement as a Sorceress getting in a Raid party.

Earth Arms- For a full support Sorceress, this skill is a must max for the increase in healing percentage and as well as the HP recovery. Just remember to always and always make sure that this skill is always active, especially in Raids as this will be one of your key to surviving until the very end of the dungeon.

Soul Binding- 300 seconds is pretty long, that is why we need to max this skill as a Full Support Sorceress to lower the reuse time.

Rejuvenation- Yet another instant cast heal in your arsenal if you are going to be a Full Support Sorceress. It may be a good skill to max as a Full Support Sorceress as in normal cases, your main healers will tend to use their healing skills at the wrong time, and leaving your tank unhealed will basically mean instant wipe out of the team.

Earth Shield- Increases the defense of all party members by 20% utmost. Normally, the ones that benefits from this skill is those tankers as they have high defense. Take note that the higher the defense, the higher the percentage it will increase using this skill (DUHHH ). If it weren't for its instant cast and fast cooldown, I would have left this skill at level 1. But, since we can't rely always on tanking skills of Knights and other tanks, as they have long cool down, it is best that we get this skill for our party as a Full Support Sorceress.

Land of Recovery- This skill must always be active as a Full Support and, it must be max!
The Land of Recovery can ALWAYS be on the floor since the duration lasts 10 seconds and the cooldown takes 10 seconds.. Healers and and as well as DPS will surely be standing close to you as they will be looking to benefit from this skill and of course, tanks will also need this skill especially when a boss drops a big hit AOE skill.

Jupitel Thunder- Well, this is your greatest source of damage in the Ice+Lightning skill combo. I does tremendous damage to the enemy when you hit him with this skill while he is frozen. Max this skill if you are going to be a DPS Sorceress.
Additional Details: Don't use this skill unless you've got the Wind Arms proc or if the monster is Frozen. This is a good skill that has synergy with other good skills.

Jupitel Thunder Mastery- This will basically make your next JT an instant cast but, it has a proc rate which will increase utmost to 15%. If you have spare points as a DPS, then I suggest to invest it on this skill.

Foresight- Basically, this skill will be your key to dropping an enemy in a few seconds using Ice+Lightning combo, and provided that you have luxurious gears. This skill will make your next 3 skills an instant cast which basically means more DPS and more damage to the enemy! I strongly suggest to max this skill as a DPS Sorceress.

Lord of Vermillion- Usually I use this skill to clear average mobs. This skill does decent damage especially when enemies are at frozen state. It is a must better skill than Thunder Storm and it would be a good skill to max.

Varetyr Spear- Basically, your NUKE attack! This is your most damage-dealing skills when you are using Ice+Lightning combo. You can get this skill if you wish to deal more damage, but I think investing points in here as a Hybrid Sorcerer is just wasting points, level 3 Jupitel Thunder does more damage than this skill at level 2, I would get this skill to level 1 just for the stun effect for 3sec.

Hybrid Sorcerer Skill Build


I'll proceed to make a list of what skills to get at what level, it's your choice to follow it or not. But I highly recommend using it. Considering this format:
[Character Level] Skill - Skill Level

Magician Skills:
[2-5] Ice Bolt - L5
[6-9] Lighting Bolt - L5
[10] Thunder Storm - L1 1
[11-15] Wind Arms - L5
[16-18] Frost Driver - L3
[19] Water Arms L1 - 1
[20-24] Save Points for Sorcerer

Sorcerer Skills:
[25] Jupitel Thunder - L1
[25] JT Mastery - L1
[25] Foresight - L1
[25] Lord of Vermilion - L3
[26] Summon Aqua - L1
[27] Healing Wave - L1
[28] Soul Cleaning - L1
[29] Meditatio - L1
[30] Deluge - L1
[31-35] Earth Arms - L5
[36] Soul Binding - L1
[37] Rejuvenation - L1
[38] Earth Shield - L1
[39-43] Land of Recovery - L5
[44-47] Earth Shield L5
[48-49] Jupitel Thunder - L3
[50] Varetyr Spear - L1

Recomended Stat Builds:

DPS/Crit-Centralized Build (Decent Healing):
40 INT
40 AGI

Maximum Damage/Healing Output Build (Excelent Heals):
51 INT
27 AGI

Survivor Build (Excelent Heals):
51 INT
27 VIT

This should cover all the Sorcerer's aspects and skills you should know to be the haxest Sorcerer there is! . Feedback and suggestions, in the comments~
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