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Originally Posted by Bng422
I was originally going for Shiki Kai but I ended up with another Full Saber on blue :O ended up getting 2 Full Sabers within 60k... Then spent my other 40k on trying to cap a Zulu but ended up throwing that money away

I don't mind getting another Full Saber at all! I can experiment with custom parts easier lol.
i didn't touch the custom cap after I got my first shiki kai, and then all of a sudden, I capped another one on white after around 10 tries... I think I might have capped it before I capped my cr denon something... lol...

also on a side note... FA Shiki Kai is really good now... making mode 2 w1 be both 2 shots and taking away immobility really helps... mode1 w2 also shoots a lot faster now