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Originally Posted by Shiki
Joining events is one of the best part of a member-oriented community like ggFTW. However, we understand the lack of incentives to win the same event more than once as the event userbars are only given out once.

As such, we're proud to introduce the Event Tier System, where there will be more incentives to join and win in events!

How the Event Tier System Works

For the first win, you will receive the Tier 1 userbar for the event. Once you've won enough times in your current tier, you'll be upgraded to the next tier. Upon reaching the next tier, you'll receive the following rewards.

Tier 1: Userbar
Tier 2: Userbar Upgrade + 7-day postbit subscription
Tier 3: Userbar Upgrade + 14-day postbit subscription
Tier 4: Userbar Upgrade + 30-day postbit subscription
Tier 5: Userbar Upgrade + 30-day postbit subscription + Induction to the "Hall of Fame" Usergroup (Username Colour)

Click here to check out the new snazzy userbars that you can obtain.

We hope to see you join our events soon!

-ggFTW Staff
I like it!

Originally Posted by Gaap
Err... Since when there's a Pantsu title? :V I'm surprised I'm not in this... But then again I'm a closet type in ggFTW. :V

But nice on the SotW system.

Now I just need to find "time" to do an entry... And a idea..
There is a way to get in >:3

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