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Originally Posted by Berochan
It's because they haven't added you back on their friend lists, that's why they are level 1.
Btw, new member of the 'chan family <3
Bokuchan (Odin): Assassin/Blacksmith - Berochan
nope. i don't think that's it. they are really reflected at level 1. XD
these are all the characters higher than level 10 on that list.
i got:
Cheer 26
Kitsurie 49 (wow) he was 48 when i added him yesterday
Bittersweet 20
Vith 22
DrHime 20
Braille 22
Nimera 19

others were at level one or simply lower than 10. all were offline when i added them though. Kitsurie is online right nao. :3

EDIT: added bokuchan 22

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