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Originally Posted by Kenshiro

Unicorn Banshee NT-D Package and M Blueprint
Penelope Package and M Blueprint
SR Neue Ziel and Sinanju Package
Alpha Azieru G Blueprint

Brave Commander
SS Arios Ascalon
in Dream Gacha

No CCM update yet.
No laboratory still.
Here is the complete List, might be helpfull for those who just want to know but didn't play HK.

Special Packages
‧ Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee (NT-D) discount package
‧ Penelope Package
‧ Neue Ziel (missile launchers) Package
‧ Sinanju (Beam Axe) Package
‧ Zaku I (Ramba Ral Custom) Package
‧ Superbia GN-X Package
‧ Arios Gundam Mixplan special package
‧ Alpha Azieru Mixplan special package
‧ GN Arm E-type Mixplan special package

[New Mixplan]
(S) Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee (NT-D) >> M
(S) Penelope >>> M
(S) Zabanya >>> G

[New Dream Cap]
‧ (S) Brave (commander test type))
‧ (SS) Arios Ascalon

[MS sales]
‧ (S) Alpha Azieru

[New system]
‧ AI battleship war

[New Mission]
The Black Gundam

[Temporary maintenance compensation items]
Qualification: Players who login at 00:00 on 10th May to 10:00 on May 13th game can obtain the following compensation items

‧ 1000 Experience capsules (full) X10
‧ Golden Hours OP 2 (3 days)
‧ 20,000 G

Btw last night i got that MK2 Titan Unit 2 Mixplan, but when i try to mix it, i got ZOA right after i enter Mixplan room.
When i got the Mixplan from the mission, the mixplan doesn't have a MS picture, only word: Gundam MK 2 Titan Mixplan in chinese.
Another Fail Mission Update