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Originally Posted by Kenshiro
Well, no use complaining about it in other SDGO threads haha.

I suppose each server has its own downsides. I can't really play KR. I lag there and I'm afraid to get blue locked. Happened once and I didn't want to try again.

I am IP blocked in TW.

SEA is too outdated for me.

NA... well, I'm IP blocked there too.

I suppose its just a matter of situations for some. I'm in the same timezone as HK, has quite a humble collection of mobile suits there and all my IRL friends play there too. I suppose I really can't be choosy.

srsly we cant even get to play easily . This shjt has been happening for a month now and they didnt do anything about it , need dozen of times to close game client and retry retry retry and retry to get in the damn server where every sp freeze people and yourself

i think it's about time to move to Kr but i dont know anyone there / rules

and when you get blue lock click the white button i got it sometimes

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