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1. If you don't like gen 6, quit the game, earlier the better. Eventually all servers will get G Revolution.
2. For those who say gen 6 is crap and worthless without having no experience playing it, think again (if you still don't like it after trying it out, try to at least look at the positive side of the update. I personally think that there were more positives done compared to negatives after the G Revolution).
3. Most korean players are kids because the game is targeted towards young children, with the title "sd gundam", hence it's not unusual to see some dipsh*t players, and quite a large portion of players have attitude problems.
4. Kr server is very restrictive with iron rules because without them, things get really hectic and unbalanced. Restrictions also provide wide selection of different rooms to choose from.

These are my personal thoughts, feel free to criticise them if you must.

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