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Default The new beta is live

Surrender at 20: The new beta is live

Riot has unveiled their plans, and a beta, for a massive overhaul to the main League of Legends website!
Visit the beta version of the new and improved site here or continue reading for Riot's news release on it.

Here is RiotChris with the details on and goals behind the new site:
"Welcome to the new beta
It’s been over three years since we launched the original League of Legends website, so we thought it was about time for an upgrade. A lot’s changed since then – both on the web and on the Fields of Justice – so we wanted to build a new site capable of supporting the wider range of content we’re releasing these days. The site’s now in beta, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the new look and feel. You’ll find some of the major updates outlined below.

Why the new look?
League of Legends is always evolving and changing, but this is the first major renovation we’ve made since the beginning of Season One. The old website had a few quirks that made it tough to find content, so we wanted more streamlined navigation that pushed community interaction. Here’s what you can expect from some of the more major changes.

Streamlined navigation

On light news days, between three and five League of Legends newsposts hit the website, which can make it really hard to locate anything after it falls off the front page. Since a huge portion of you view the news each day (all with different interests) we want to make sure you’re finding the content you want to view. For this reason, we switched to a clearer, visual way to access news, along with new methods for finding older articles.

Focused design

The old site’s nav had a ton of stuff competing to grab your attention, which made it pretty hard to spot what you were looking for. In the new layout we cleaned up the nav to prioritize news, game info and community content. Articles also came in all different shapes, sizes and formats, many of which didn’t really support their content. The new site is designed to feature articles backed up by vibrant art and videos.

Community content
The community portal’s a prime example of something that was pretty hard to find in the old design. Since players like you are the lifeblood of League of Legends, we’d like the new site to give you even more ways to interact with one another. The community’s now front and center – all content and programs are on the main nav. Whether you want to check out the awesome player-made stuff, or participate in some cool community activities, we hope you’ll find it easier to connect with your fellow summoners.

We're just getting started!

We know big changes like this can be jarring at first, but we think you’ll find the new site supports a wide variety of new experiences and content types. Also, it’s still beta – there are more improvements coming before release! Your feedback’s an important part of getting everything shipshape and ready for launch, so be sure to report bugs, suggest new features and comment on the design.
RiotAether also commented:
"With the new tech implemented in the site, content like the champion info pages should be updated much more efficiently with more information than before (eg. Lissandra's page)

That said, if you find anything off or out of place, please let us know!"