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so.. apparently im the only one with a shopping problem.. curse the newly built mall that i work at that's only a 2 minute drive away...

MANDATORY PURCHASEfor the district meeting tomorrow (there's a competition between the other A'GACI stores and we're totally gonna be the cutest.. everyone at my store has to wear it... even though half if not ALL the girls didnt want to wear it... plus its itchy like frick and death to take off.. )

also bought a giant heart shaped pendant / locket :3 (i have a locket fetish)

and here's me being a traitor buying other clothes from ANOTHER store.. yea... i've been called a traitor a LOT..
Forever 21 dresses

they're all bubble dresses :3 i canNOT resist.

ew. i just realized i dont have anywhere special to go to so that i can wear my new little black dresses.. haha.. oh well.. i have work.. *sigh* anyone wanna go out on a date
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