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Apollo is really sweet but I really like the idea of a more stable team going for 4xHP/2xATK/2xRCV, 2xHP/4xATK/2xRCV or 4xHP/4xRCV. 2.25 HP/ATK/RCV is not too bad but the best 2.25 team would definitely be Parvati's team.

The best build for an Apollo team I can think of is:

Angelion (Fairlio)

I have 2 Valks myself too and Angelion max skilled but no Apollo :/

On the side note, I just pulled a Green Odin. Don't know if it's yay or nay since I've already got an Amaterasu.. I was hoping for lucifer, Orochi or even the Roman Gods particularly Hades/Ceres.

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