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Yo remeiko the "N" starter, remember me? Anyways I only got to this thread by someone linking me bout this return + nobody hated you, you done justice by scamming/hacking, you're a badass mofo LOL. Anyways, lunia's kinda dead I assume.

Lets see... some updates about why lunia is dead:
-HEY THERES 20+CHARACTERS(pretty difficult to balance the pvp portion of this game tehee~)
-Rumor: i heard from some big guy that brazilian people ruined the game atm and that there is only a BR forum section? (not confirmed with my own eyes)
-It got kinda bad that they gave out like enormous amounts of free cash coins multiple times
-oh yeah, theres endurance frames on moves in attempt to revamp skills but just made it worst.

im scramming before there are vicious lunians to smite my post pm me dood