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First run through Heaven ECO
Stage 3/6/9 are midbosses, Salamander, Penguin and Cactus respectively
Small penguins hit ~7k and skill is 2x damage for 1 attack, 4 turn interval
Small salamanders hit 4k every 2 turns, don't know skill ==
Small cacti is still just lock, don't remember damage but it's something small

All 3 midbosses have ~390k HP and <400 def
Big salamander has multi-hit, 1 turn interval but relatively low damage <6k
Big Penguin hits for 14.3k, 3 turn interval. Didn't wait for its skill and just killed it
Big cactus hits for 10170, 2 turn interval and heals at <25% for about 25%

Stage 10 boss will lock 5 for 1~3 turns on first turn, 1 turn interval. It hits for ~7.6k normal and has a useless skill like pengdras, it will full heal once at <50%, once it gets to 50% for the second time it will start using spamming a multi-hit for 10800 damage. Its HP is ~1277983.

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