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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
You'll just be playing it like a dragon team with a higher damage multiplier anyway. And since I am sort of focusing on my Echidna's recovery, I think I can offset the -500 should she gets high enough with the levels and the +egg bonuses.

The only problem I forsee is the restricted orb changers. It looks like you are kind of forced to do either pure dark dragon team, or just go for 2 leader, 1 dark swords, 2 grass swords and 1 Echidna.
Since it's x9, I'm quite sure the damage wouldn't be so bad even if the elements are slightly more spread out. ADK has better RCV hence I think that a team with double magic dragon, double ADK, 1 CDK and 1 Echidna would be pretty awesome. Echidna can be used for skill charging and with +99RCV, it would be fine.

The magic dragons' double gravity and with 3 orb changers, damage is lethal. Pretty sure you can OHKO the boss, or at least, 3 turns should be good enough to kill with the bursts.


Got this somewhere.

Additional info on the Dragon King Zerogu
Stat at Max Level (Lv.99):
HP: 1843
ATK: 2338 (DAT ATTACK!!)
RCV: -500

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