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Originally Posted by Bng422
The day before yesterday I was in a room and I never got kicked.

I ended up having a huge item fest with 2 red stars and a blue or 2. I got pissed at how this red star kept using hide so I threw boost downs at him, then everyone just started throwing items everywhere.

It wasn't hostile in any way o,,o"
Bng, you didn't get kicked doesn't mean it's safe for everyone.
That day, Valcard and I were in that room for many rounds. No one was lagging and we didn't say anything in public. Suddenly someone said "go home" and kicked us. How could he be so sure we were not Korean other than our clan? Yes we don't have Korean characters in our IGNs but that's not enough.

I don't want to migrate either. Could we have someone that knows Korean follow up in that Korean forum to monitor if things will get worse?

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