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Well yeah i had wierd lag on boss mode that 3 people didn't move at all but I could shot them. Well i tough it was wierd and they are lagging because I didin't have any delay in sp or funnels. And some red star typed to me this.

No. 2
TOP건버스터 (2013-04-24 오후 8:15:18)
그럼 대장전에서 7킬 35점 먹는게 정상임?

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TOP건버스터 (2013-04-24 오전 2:03:28)
우리말 못알아 듣는거보니 중국인인가?
클랜에도 글도 없는걸 보면...

Can someone make good response in korean?

Anyway rest of them were fighting with me and i just killed them normaly so i don't see problem other thant those three that were like "afk" (And yes i had a lot kills but damn when i don't have?)
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