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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
I personally don't think 2x HP/Rec is practical for dragons. They have pretty shitty recovery stats. The reason why Echidna is the top choice for dragon teams is because of her recovery stats and the 3 turns to burst an enemy down.

I guess I'll replace mech dragon with wheat dragon.
Thanks for the input. Guess that Indra has to stay in the box quietly. My main team is Zeus or a Horus team. Probably not going to change team anytime unless I get a better leader.

Originally Posted by Riolu
Wouldn't a valk team triumph over an ADK team in terms of survivability though?
I personally prefer an ADK team over Valkyrie in terms of power. I think in terms of survivability, they are more or less the same. ADK disposes elemental orbs but Valk team disposes heart orbs. ADK can still recover after performing an attack with low RCV rate, but a Valk team can't recover after doing a burst. I think the primary concern is not on survivability but rather what element the boss that you're facing. Valk team is light burst damage, however ADK team covers 2 elements, Wood and Dark.

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