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Originally Posted by Blizt
Well you gotta think from their prospective too. Sure Ledo has such insane power that's out of their reach, and they could ask him to help, but what would happen if afterward Ledo just left, and then they'd have lost that power, and may need to face the wrath of remaining pirate force (it's true after two great failure and loss, the pirate may not come invading for awhile, but as long as there's this possibility, the higher up definitely can't overlook it).

But I guess it could be that while they did use weapon that could "kill", their main objective and mindset is to "chase" away the invader, and have the message of "attacking us won't be any good for you" to the pirate.
What are they going to do then, just submit to the pirate's every whim? If they don't show their weapons can actually harm/kill, there is no point to using force as a deterrent. I refuse to believe these people are so stupid in this regard, it's just bad writing.