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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
Yay, now we have two mecha series going full retard!

Being invaded by pirates, ask super power for help. Super power SENMETSU's only the pirates, minimizing collateral damage, everyone gets mad at the super power for killing them. Really? What did you expect him to do to help? In fact, what could he have done to help without breaking some egg shells?

And then during the bigger fight, they all use their guns and cannons. Oh no, not like guns and cannons can KILL people, the exact same thing they got pissed at Ledo for! And Ledo was still restricted to non-lethal methods.
Well you gotta think from their prospective too. Sure Ledo has such insane power that's out of their reach, and they could ask him to help, but what would happen if afterward Ledo just left, and then they'd have lost that power, and may need to face the wrath of remaining pirate force (it's true after two great failure and loss, the pirate may not come invading for awhile, but as long as there's this possibility, the higher up definitely can't overlook it).

We know Ledo probably won't be leaving any time soon, let alone re-uniting with his fleet, but people in the show don't.

As for blaming him for killing pirate so brutally...well, I can't deny that they're being hypocritical when they used lethal weapons themselves. But I guess it could be that while they did use weapon that could "kill", their main objective and mindset is to "chase" away the invader, and have the message of "attacking us won't be any good for you" to the pirate.

While the show didn't say it, I'm guessing the people there are probably thinking: "I was forced to defend myself, so if I accidentally killed someone, it's not my fault, and it can't be helped", so when they see someone "actively going out to kill, being on the offensive side", they think that someone is doing the wrong thing to comfort themselves. Hypocritical, YES.