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Originally Posted by NoeJeko
adipiciu, I can get you the information you need for a vBulletin login. Code samples are limited to those with a valid software license, so that's why you're having trouble finding it.
I finally made the bot to login to the wiki through the forum After 1 week and no examples anywhere on the web, I made a login using curl. I won't post the source code though, because it may be used for bad things also Now i need to test the bot, then it can run again.

To wiki mods and editors:
1. Should the bot change {{NAMESPACE}} to Trickster_Online ? (needed to fix the issue with categories like here: Category:TO_Rose_Garden_Monster )

2. The bot will make the following changes (fixes)
a. Fix images links (e.g. from [[Image: to [[Image:TO
b. Correcting names (from Category:TO Equip to Category:TO Equipment, from Template:TO Cards to Template:TO Card) Help me add other categories/templates names to fix
c. Replacing {{NAMESPACE}} with Trickster_Online (I'm asking for opinions or approval here)

3. What other changes do the bot need to fix?

I'm waiting for responses.

BTW Paul thank you for the Admin Award that made me try to work again on the bot login function I almost quit because of no vb login examples.
/omg i got the 1st Admin Award LOL

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