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Originally Posted by Vith
Not being remade, but another development team took it over in Japan. It may be published back to a global server, but as of right now, it is unknown. This new team will be able to create regular content and security updates for the game.
Digging deeper it appears that the development team is actually in Korea ( possibly composed of previous dev's after a huge fall in w/ the previous company ( corrupt CEO ) ) company name 2WinGames

Either way from what I've seen on the japanese side, the dev's are insanely fast at responding to bug issues and fixing things instantly. This ranges from errors, to exp rates, to drops, to skill effects and more.

The Japanese site quickly posts all fixes created and goes from there. So the future looks promising. After talking to people from Ignited, there appears to be a big discussion on the next move so hoping to hear something soon on which direction that IG will go with this.

New content is definitely in this though.