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Originally Posted by Metty
We have modern tagging technology that does pretty much the same thing. A good dose of the crew were all in the same room as the mech, and more of them once they were outside thus giving him ample enough time to tag them. Plus body positions in a hostage situations with pirates using what looks like to be thermal scanning wouldn't make it that hard. They have mastery over quantum explosives and wormholes and simple FoF identification is what you're worried about?
I agree that it's something similar to a thermal scan though it's surely not since thermal scans can only penetrate to a certain range. But if it is indeed a thermal scan, he's got some VERY sensitive gear (which I won't be surprised with considering their tech level).

Wasn't able to consider tagging the crew while they were still at the ship. That clears up a lot. However, I still can't help thinking about the crew in the hijacked ship who were in hiding. If they weren't tagged and were in hiding, it would present a highly erroneous situation in identifying friend from foe. Although, I'm not that worried since the neither episodes showed any trace of their weaponry being that agile and being able to bend. I think those who were vaporized were only from a direct line of sight from Chamber.

Originally Posted by Blizt
Most people I know seem to hate the mech design because of that big round head...personally I have no problem with the design at all.

Also, that globe thing above its head appears to be able to alter or create gravity, notice how in ep2 when Chamber was flying slightly above the ocean, the water was pulled up?

While I'm no expert on this, I'm guessing Chamber probably ran a bunch of speculation tests, like scanning for any possible weapons on them, each individual's body position, if they shown sign of being restrained...etc., basically enough test to conclude if they're friends or foes.

Obviously when you got a computer to do the work, no matter how high its AI is, there are bound to be some accidental mistake happening sometimes, but in that era with their high technology, they probably minimized that chance to be as low as possible...
Yep. It's obvious that gravity alteration is what that globe does. But with such technology, couldn't it have been something a little more discreet? hehe.. I was thinking maybe it can just be a back pack or some sort of device mounted on Chamber's head. I have no problem with the head like you assumed. Can't say the same for the body though. It reminds me of SD Gundams. hahaha..

I think your theory regarding friend or foe differentiation, coupled with the tagging system with a thermal scan theories mentioned by Metty are most probably the methods that Chamber used for target selection. It won't surprise me if there're other methods, though I'd like to hear them.