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Default 4/18 KR April Update

Originally Posted by Bng422
I'll elaborate on the May events.

Event 1: Cash/Point Hammers and Web cap

Event unit is Heavyarms EW.

Cash hammers and webcap will be available after patch (4/18) until 5/9.
Point hammers will be available from 5/9 until 5/13.

Event 2: Free SS rank

From 5/2 ~ May update patch

Complete the following "missions" to receive a free SS rank!

Note: You can only redeem one prize from mission A AND B.

Mission A: Complete 200 Points OR Deathmatches (200 games in total, can be a mix of both)
Prizes available are (Custom 3):
Strike Freedom
Infinite Justice
God Fuunsaiki
Master Fuunsaiki

Mission B: Complete 100 Missions (Singles and Co-op, no tutorials, can be a mix of both)
Prizes available are (Custom 2):
Strike Freedom
Infinite Justice

Again, you can only get ONE PRIZE from both A and B,meaning you only get ONE SS rank from this event. I cannot stress this enough since I know some people will ask about this in the future.

Event 3: AB capsule price reduction

From 4/18 ~ May update patch

All A cap: 14,800 ------> 12,800
All B cap: 7,500 ------> 6,500

Event 4: Daily Paint Free Webcap

From 5/2 ~ May update patch

A free roll a day for the paint webcap. Pretty self explanatory.

SR Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai

S Delta Gundam

Capsule 75 (Begginer Gundam and... Gundam Hyper hammer?)

New Mission (Single...or Scenario?)

I dont know about event...i...cant understand korean, sorry

(I only understand something about reduce the amount point of Cap Rank A and B)
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