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Originally Posted by Drknssxzoblzng
This is the skill build I came up with. This is for pure AC.

Any build would be good if u have good EQ's that is.

Gun Carrier
Invincible Reload
Gun booster(Mastered)
Quick Reload

Power shot(Mastered)
Shooting spree(Mastered)
Stone strike(Lvl.10)
Armor destructor(Lvl.1)
Lucky seven(Mastered)
Double shot(Mastered)

Gun overdrive(Mastered)
Lucky Fist(Mastered)
Sixth sense(Lvl.10)
Revealing eye(Mastered)
Keen sense(Mastered)
Shield breaker(Mastered)
Stick foot(Mastered)
Armor breaker(Mastered)

Keen sense if u want but I think its useless so how abt debuffs U can get debuffs before revealing eye If u are PvM and if u are PvP u can also get revealing eye before here are the debuffs continuation

Hope you like my guide and Hope it helps you

no such thing as armor breaker skill....
shield breaker and armor destructor in underline..

i agree with weissritter.. you should also put heavy carrier... it helps alot.. pots, loots, bullets...

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