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1. How difficult was it taking the closure all in?
Actually I left before the closing, so it wasn't that hard.

2. Are you playing a new game? If yes, what is it? Feel free to explain more about your new game(s)?

3. With the closure hitting most of the community hard, would you rejoin eTO if it were to re-open?
Maybe, but I wouldn't play that much.

4. Would you start over, as in lost of everything if eTO were to re-open?
The same answer.

5. Did you felt it wasn't right for eTO to close this early? (This involves knowing that bans, bugs, GameGuard, glitches, and hackers were harming the community.)
Trickster already was dead for me since 2010, I kept coming back and leaving.
Most of my great friends left in 2010, and it wasn't the same, I missed them alot.
I met other friends, but it wasnt't the same, TO already got boring for me, with friends or not.