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I don't believe they ever actually said it was a new forme of Mewtwo though, that's been more fan speculation than anything. For all we know it's a different pokemon altogether. Remember how people thought that Alomomola would be related to Luvdisc because they looked similar? In regards to the site, even with that I'm still wary about immediately labeling the new pokemon a forme of Mewtwo, because the two formes beneath Mewtwo differ slightly in design from the one revealed today.

Unless it is specifically confirmed that they are formes of Mewtwo, I think calling them that is jumping the gun for the time being. (Mainly I just don't want to feel like an idiot for calling them Mewtwo formes on the off chance it gets revealed they're not :v )

As a side note I rather disliked it when I saw the leaked images, but seeing the official art for it makes me like it a bit more.


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