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Originally Posted by Leenalia
um, my boy? Honestly I don't know, you said I'm like your close, childhood friend so *shrugs* you're that and more =) Seriously, the english language needs more powerful words...
Yeah... so much things can be explained if you "switch" to another language...
for example, English has "kiss" while we in Sweden have "puss" and "kyss" which both are translated into "kiss"... "Puss" is like an kiss on the cheek while "kyss" is on the mouth, aka French kiss with or without tounge... (only remebered that now)
"kyss" on you ^^

Originally Posted by Amanda
So how do I check my warnings/infractions on this forum? I wanna see if it's gone, if it's not then I'm going to be pissed off more than I already was.
I have no Idea how you check... send a PM to NoeJeko and ask?
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