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Default 4/4 PBE Update


Surrender at 20: 4/4 PBE Update

Following today's extended maintenance, a small patch as been pushed to the PBE! Unfortunately this patch has also disabled both Proving Grounds and Howling Abyss temporarily ( see down below for more info ).
Continue reading for a look at Junkyard Trundle's new particles, "reroll", a much awaited bug fix for last hit gold popups, a new item, balance changes, and more!

( Reminder: PBE content is tentative and iterative. Everything you see is subject to change! )

Howling Abyss & Proving Grounds temp disabled

Here is the Riot NOC announcement
"Summoners, we regret to inform you that the Howling Abyss and Proving Grounds will be disabled on PBE while we do some necessary maintenance on these maps. We expect to have the Proving Grounds up before the weekend and the Howling Abyss will available the middle of next week. Will update with more details as they come. Thank you for your patience."
Junkyard Trundle Pillar Particle
Just like Lil Slugger Trundle got in yesterday's PBE update, Junkyard Trundle got a fancy new E particle.

While I'm not sure exactly what it does, there is now a "reroll" icon on player profiles.
Might have something to do with Howling Abyss but we'll have to wait to find out.

New Item: Poro-Snax
There is a new item called "Poro-Snax" ( Poro being the little white fuzz balls that run around the Howling Abyss map ) in the files. Going to have to wait until the servers come up to see what they do. Howling Abyss is currently disabled on the PBE so we'll ha ve to wait a little bit to try that one out.

They cost 35 gold and their tooltip reads:
"This savory blend of free-range, grass-fed Avarosan game hens and organic, non-ZMO Freljordian herbs contains the essential nutrients necessary to keep your Poro purring with pleasure.
All proceeds will be donated towards fighting Noxian animal cruelty."
Change to last hit gold popup behavior
Also in this patch is a long awaited fix for the bug, most prominent on Pulsefire Ezreal, where occasionally gold would not pop up when you successfully last hit a minion.

Here is The Loki, an associate QA analyst, with the details:
"Hello summoners,
We’ve made an improvement to the gold popup for last hits. Previously if you got a last hit against a target you couldn’t see due to things like fog of war or stealth you wouldn’t see the gold popup for the last hit. Now when this happens you will get one above your character.
This should also fix the bug where Pulsefire Ezreal would occasionally not see gold popups for some of his last hits on targets in plain view.

Feel free to post your feedback on this change or any issues that you see."
Wiksy stepped in to explain why the PF Ezreal bug occurred in the first place
"His script sets units he kill to not render (not invisible, just doesn't show up) and then play the vaporize effect on them. Previously if the unit doesn't render on the client, the +gold message will be discarded even if you have vision on it. Now they will still show up. (The change is that since the player client is receiving the +gold message from the server, it should never discard that message.)"
Balance Changes
( Server is still down, treat these changes as unconfirmed until it comes back up. Information taken from air client tooltips )

  • Divine Blessing ( W ) range reduced to 900 from 1000.


Guardian's Horn ( Howling Abyss exclusive item )
  • Rather than gaining charges per enemy spell cast it now has a 25 second second cooldown that is reduced by 1 second whenever a nearby enemy casts a spell.
  • Now deals physical damage instead of magical damage.

Seraph's Embrace
  • Mana shield reduced to 20% of current mana from 25% of current mana, however it now also has a base shield amount of 150.

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