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Originally Posted by Giddypinata
Two Heroes-GET! Double Noel was incredible for this dungeon, thanks so much for suggesting it! I spent two stones with the Quad Resist team and even after careful orb planning, I still managed to die once on devils, once on Vampires. This water team is much better. Should I farm 2 more Highlander/Berserker or is one of each enough?
1 of each is enough unless you're confident that the 50 stamina used will not be wasted. Congrats!

I did a 0 stone clearing for the first time with

Loki (Leader)
Rainbow Keeper
Rainbow Keeper
Rainbow Keeper
Neptune (Leader)

I guess a safer alternative is to replace CDK with a max skilled Siren, but I wanted to clear things fast

Got my highlander, but well my US account is pretty hopeless with other elements except dark. At least, do it for the stone