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Originally Posted by Giddypinata

Ed, I respect your opinion/decision, but I'd highly suggest you return to the group. One bad feud isn't worth leaving. I think the new admins have contributed a lot to the group. Remember when Riolu had issues in that group as well? That got resolved in a great way and he and Mike returned to friendly terms-I think you can do that too if you only make the effort with the other party.
Thanks for the support man. Means a lot to me. Yes, I do remember. I was pretty harsh recently in the group because of a lot of dissatisfaction with the group. But of course, I didn't mean anything. And I do remember one of my pictures (Bringing Hera down to 50% HP) got removed without any notice. It's definitely not facebook because I saw it posted up only to be gone 30 minutes later. This never happened before the addition of so many new admins.

Firstly, I am not keen with the event pages. I mean, they are great ideas but the new admins implement it too soon in a very annoying manner. My whole events page is spammed with those from the @PG group page. I rather have one event page implemented as a trial run, and from the general response/feedback, perhaps then only make it a point to make the events page more regular. If people can't even click on the "Files" section and read up the FAQ, what makes you think that people are going to click the "Events" section to participate?

Secondly, just to name a few, Don Perion and Kelvin isn't fitted to be an admin at all. I know Kelvin contribute a lot, but his dissing attitude, inappropriateness and his lewdness totally make him look like an ass. What's more an admin? As for Don, I don't know why he's even promoted as an admin.

Thirdly, the group page is slowly become as an elitist group where people only respond to regulars. When you see a newbie asking questions, you hardly see their posts being answered. Just as much as I love the friendly community there, I hate the off topic chats. It happened too frequently and newer members get left out.

Lastly, I don't know what's up with the Han jackass, the post about forum illiterates wasn't directed at him. And in my defense, people who don't know how to read forum rules/perform search before "spamming" are considered forum-illiterates. I don't really see how "rude" is that statement. You should have seen in one particular thread discussing about noel dragons, there are people who kept spamming each and every single quote of the noel dragons asking what do they mean. So, back at the "Events" idea, did it work? Obviously not as people are still spamming outside of the event page.

And the worst part is, Kelvin seemed to be enjoying the debate and not intervene as an admin. Plus, he's defending the guy who used so much profanities towards another group member that happens to be me. That's really douchey of him, man.

So tell me, Jeffery, is there any reason to stay?

Well, since you're now the admin in the page, I hope you become a greater admin and set a greater example there. Perhaps, work with Benny, Nic and even James. They are great people. Oh, Hygor, he's a great member and I'm happy that he got promoted too.

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