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Ah, you guys have given me a lot to think about, thank you so much!
Blizt, I don't know for sure where the term "Noel Dragon" came from, but it's a bit awkward to dub it "Xmas dragon" when we got it from an Easter event, y'know? >_>

Ed, I respect your opinion/decision, but I'd highly suggest you return to the group. One bad feud isn't worth leaving. I think the new admins have contributed a lot to the group. Remember when Riolu had issues in that group as well? That got resolved in a great way and he and Mike returned to friendly terms-I think you can do that too if you only make the effort with the other party.

Two Heroes Discussion:

My team currently consists of: Noel, Dark Neptune, Ice Mech, Siren skilled, Fenrir Knight (unskilled, mid evolution). 1465 RCV, 4968 water Attack, 8887 total HP. Would you guys recommending going dual Noel, Noel+Neptune (But if I do that, I have nothing really to take Neptune's sub spot >_>), or Noel+Lakshmi?

There's also my classical team, taken months ahead from zgm's excellent guide:
Dark Neptune, skilled Siren, Wind Mech, 2x Keeper of Rainbow.
1347 RCV, 2088 Water attack, 1112 Wind attack, 2614 Dark attack, 12685 total HP. I have a friend's level 60 Toytops to pair up with.

Overall, which team composition would ensure me the best success with minimal stones spent on Two Heroes?
I know this is a lot to ask about, thanks in advance for the help.