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Originally Posted by Kenshiro
And now for the HK events!

(Can some kind soul translate these please?)

阿古哲斯在面臨著聯邦軍金獅獠牙毀滅新人類的逆境,營運基地現正對服役中的各位高達機師們宣佈由今日開始將 啟動新人類作戰計畫!玩家們只要完成官方指定的對戰任務就能獲取到一定的積分,並於第二天中午12時於營運 基地中進行抽獎,並有機會可領取到新型機體「(S)自由高達(活動黃金版)」或者「(BR)死神高達(EW )」,還不立即出擊,完成指定任務,領取豐富的獎勵!

活動開始時間:2013年03月28日 00:00
活動結束時間:2013年04月06日 23:59

Complete certain PVP mission to collect the point and at 12.00 noon the next day visit the web for redeem/viewing your points.

Qualification: SD Gundam Online Pilot
Event Start Time: 2013-03-28 00:00
Event End Time: 2013-04-06 23:59

PVP Mode Points Reward Amount
Point match 1 3
Death match 1 3
Tag/BS Match 1 3
4vs4 Team PVP DM 2 5

1 point> Red Paint2 x2 / Latent Pot x20 / OP F Sticker x2 / 1000G
2 point> 200exp (F) x5 / Red Tele x5 / SP Awakening x5/ 2000G
3 point> 1000exp (F)x3 / OP L3 Days / SP Down x5 / 3000G
4 point> LP 1/ Extender 10 / 5000exp(F) x1 / Freedom Gundam Golden edition/ 100% Metal/ BR Deathscyte EW / 10,000G/ Go Sticker x5

Event Rules:
1. Players must be on-line within a specified effective battle at 12:00 the next day to get the date field integral.
2. Event Credits can be accumulated, but please players on April 30 use your points, otherwise it will reset all integral
3. The results achieved by the players through the illegal software or program vulnerability will not acknowledge, once discovered will be strictly punished.
4. Each daily PVP mode can only be completed once, the total available a total of 5.
5. Official retain the ultimate decision-making power of the activities!

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