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Originally Posted by Zloty
Skill builds. Lemme HEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEUEHEHUEHUE. It's a joke With free Gcoins people buy skill cards and get their skills all maxed (so was the sieg i had been given)
Even without free gcoins you could accomplish all that with rebirths, having a unique character? Pffft
You're a jack of all trades, master of everything

Hybrid Eir? Puppeteer Dacy? Is that a subclass, what is that?
Originally Posted by Zloty
I remember myself going for siren stuff even though it sucked (2 pieces at tft ) it was fun. Now there's only one set that matters only one option one goal. Ahh i shouldn't talk about it anymore because I feel kinda sad.
Clones, clones everywhere!

Originally Posted by PlutoTheSecond
We're all really moved by how things have settled, and I can think of how this game has been special to all of us, long time players, since we still write our toughts on this forum. After all, the best of this game was above all the wonderful community. I miss it.

Btw, was thinking of redownloading it, to go see if some people remain, but it's too late for account migration, right? :/
The wonderful community you're speaking about was MyLunia, the tightly knit community with fun and friendly staff, a random that was actually enjoyable, you could post material almost rated 18+ and it had people that were posting random stuff time to time and not always posting like idiots.

Then there was Red, the bastard who was the chief of police and gave hundreds of infractions, until you found out he was a duty stricken teddy bear with a heart of gold.

Ayumi who would play with the color of her name, **** around with Godbot's avatar, and set her posts to 0 just to shut up people who thought post counts being high was cool.
Plus she loved megaman legends which earned her dozens of brownie points, she was just a lovable fun gal.

Griever was able to post his perverted stories and show us pictures of him baking muffins.

Bananza was the cool kid on the block, posting so many fun youtube clips and images.

XanGiest, Lagg, Krieg, Auria, Remeiko (The famous hacker), Citrine, M1s3ry, Xpecial, Carmasa, chunchao, Watatsuki, Geiety, Deity, Gota, TUQUANIE (Solstice Leader, lol this woman), Echosong, Lala LANDER (Cookies), Evileyes, CherryPanda, SynLight, Mitchi, Desu, 1stsim144, Tsurupettan etc.

All of these being some of the more memorable people from our tiny family in my book anyway, it was these people that made Lunia the most enjoyable and they were all located in our little corner called MyLunia.

After it perished and we merged with ijji, it all went to shit as the community was split in half and we were scattered among hundreds of strangers who we couldn't easily enjoy our time with.

It's that which I reminisce and miss the most, and I'm sure many of you will recognize a fair number of the names I posted.

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