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Originally Posted by Kenzor
There's going to be a Cabal 2 soon just so you know, I don't know when though.

and before you ask, I don't play Cabal.
Yeah I read about CABAL 2 but it's not out yet. Also, they say that CABAL 1 will still be receiving updates in the future. So, I'm going to stick first here.

Originally Posted by SixP4ck
Hi, I'm also a newbie. Add me up if you're in mercury server, currently at level 50 Force Archer class. How about you? How do find the game?
Sure, I'll add you up. What's your IGN btw? I'm level 88 Blader class, How do I find the game? I find it, innovative because of the combo system. Can't find an MMORPG with that kind of system. I do like exaggerated skill effects which brings more flavor when playing the game.